Sikanshu Singh and Girls dominate on the day two of 4day Telangana State Sailing Regatta, the “India’s Largest State Level Sailing Championship”


Sikankshu Singh of Trishna Sailing Club Karnataka rules the waves at the Telangana State Sailing Regatta 2019 Hussain Sagar.

Hyderabad, July 10, 2019: The Telangana Sailing Regatta which is currently underway at Yacht Club of Hyderabad in Hussain Lake saw some rough weather this morning session with gusts hitting past 20 knots and it has witnessed some of the highest wind speeds of the season

The Junior under 18 fleet completed 7 races today and the racing was dominated by Sikankshu Singh of Trishna Sailing Club of Karnataka who won 6 of them leaving the fleet in his wake by a lofty margin. At 8 points he is followed by Nitya Balachander of Tamilnadu with 17 points

In the State Junior Championship it was a close battle between Vatsal Banker Juhi Desai. The latter despite being far more experienced is yet to find her form while Vatsal sailed well beyond his maturity

The sub junior fleet sailed in lighter winds in the afternoon with Lakshmi Nookarathnam winning the 4th race and Preethi Kongara coming in second . The girls dominated the racing as yesterday and claimed the top 5 spots in the leader board.

The 5th race saw some extremely close racing with 4 girls. Preethi, Lakshmi and the Laveti sisters playing cat and mouse for pole position.

Jhansi Priya Laveti played a risky game by hitting a high lane down wind and shot from 4th to 1st position and never let go thereafter. Her sister Dharani dropped from 1st to 4th to the more experienced and doughty Lakshmi and Preethi at the last leg and they finished in that order.

Preethi Nookarathnam climbed to 5th position from 17th but post a discard will hit 2nd position despite being tied on points with Preethi.

The Championship is turning very interesting at the end of the second day and may turn in any side.

The results

Junior Laser

Sikhansu Singh TSC 8 points
Nitya Balachander TNAS 17 points
B Kiran TSC 20 points

Sub Junior Optimists

Preethi Kongara 8 Points
Dharani Laveti 25 Points
Jhansi Priya Laveti 27 Points

Wednesday, July 10, 2019