Anaamika star castat a media interaction at Amritsar on Saturday.

Amritsar, April 6, 2013: India is a land of myths and folklores, bathed in endless allegories founded across centuries of profound history. The mind-set of the Indian woman is constantly subject to the fear of ‘Buri Nazar’ where she believes that too much happiness in one’s life is bound to attract the wrath of evil or jealousy. The list of beliefs to ward off evil is endless; where one can either blame it on folklore or the upbringing by the elder’s in the family. In keeping with its philosophy of bringing to its viewers content that is distinct, innovative and mass appealing, Sony Entertainment Television presents a unique love story with a numinous twist titled 'Anaamika'.

Produced by Trishulla Productions, Anaamika vividly traces the journey of a young couple Jeet (Mudit Nayar) and Rano (Annie Gill). Set in present day Chandigarh, the story explores this intriguing world where a life filled with happiness, togetherness and love is subject to uncanny circumstances

The show  gets exciting and chilling this week as the jilted in love chudail Anaamika, who has made innumerable attempts to win back Jeet, only to be unsuccessful owing to Rano and her pure love for Jeet will strike back and this time with a vengeance. Anaamika who is seething with anger and jealously is all set to spit venom on the marriage of Rano and Jeet and seek sweet revenge. Rano who has been in the eye of a storm with Jeet's family, has finally overcome all obstacles and married her childhood friend and confidante Jeet. Not one to take defeat hands down, Anaamika is all out to remove the thorn out of her way. But what does a chudail do when all attempts to win back her love go futile owing to the powerful bond of love between Rano and Jeet? During the 'muh-dikhayi' ceremony, Rano feels this strange chill in the air coupled with uneasiness within her.

What transpires next is innocent Rano getting possessed by Anaamika, where all of a sudden she is seen performing Anaamika's signature Bharatnatyam dance to woo Jeet, leaving Jeet's entire family alarmed and Jeet pleasantly surprised. With the sole motive of uniting with Jeet, Anaamika will resort to something even more deadly. In the nail-biting, spine chilling episodes to air on Sony Entertainment Television this week, the chudail feels it is her rightful place to be married to Jeet and hence will possess Rano in order to win back Jeet.

Anaamika includes a stellar star cast that comprises of the charming Annie Gill along with noted actors like Mudit Nayar, Madhu Malti, Sonika Gill, Namrata Dhanija, Deepak Dutta along with others

(So tune in to Sony Entertainment Television, and make a tryst with the mystic world as countless fears come alive with Anaamika every Monday to Friday at 8 p.m.)

Character sketches:

Jeet played by Mudit Nayar:

The laadla beta of Pratap Singh, Jeet, is the youngest in the family. Pampered rotten, he seems least bothered about anything else in the world. His sole dream is to become a professional boxer. This is his idea/way of proving his capabilities to the world and his father fore mostly. Everyone has a moral support system in their lives. For Jeet, it is his elder brother who he can bank on even though Jasmeet, Jeet’s bhabhi has always something to crib about when it came to the closeness and the rapport that the two brothers share. Bebe, Jeet’s grandmother is his favorite, since she knows him better than himself, which keeps them bonded in a unique way.

Rano played by Annie Gill:

The chail-chabili of not just her own house but Jeet’s as well; Rano was raised single handedly by her mother after the demise of her father. She totally adores Jeet. They share a brilliant chemistry that even leads them to quarrel, fights that have never lasted long enough. Everyone in and around the mohalla knew that this bacchpan ki dosti would eventually bloom into rishteydari leading into marriage. For Rano, her mother has been a role model, especially after seeing the struggle her mother went through raising her and her siblings.

Anaamika played by Simran Kaur

She is stunningly beautiful mystery woman. Having lost her husband in a very bad accident, she has retreated herself into a shell. Her Zero level interest in the things around her has made her a recluse till the time she met Jeet who has bought back the spunk in her life. She loves to spend time with him. She had maintained the mysterious edge about herself and mystically marries to Jeet.

Saturday, April 6, 2013