Sony SAB Actors narrate emotions on Father’s Day


Karan Goddwani as Kushal in TV, Biwi aur Main -
“Well my father is miles away from me right now in Spain, so I will wish him through skype. I don’t need to say how special fathers are to kids, they are the first heroes and idols of their kids. They take every blow which life gives them, so that their family and kids can be happy and smiling. They take responsibility with courage and joy for their kids. For me, I am living my dream. But I am also living my father’s dream. There was a time when he was young and he wanted to be an actor too. Due to responsibilities he couldn't dedicate time to himself and had to struggle and fulfill his dream of becoming an actor. But yes, he made sure to give me all the time, the best of classes, the best of training, made me realize my capabilities and talents and gave me enough courage to become an actor. And here I am today in front of you because of him.”

Shruti Seth as Priya in TV, Biwi aur Main -
“I am very close to my father and on this special day (father’s day), I would like to take him for lunch or dinner because he is also a foodie like me. During my schooling, my father always helped me for maths. Now his love for me is reduced because of my daughter, he showers all his love on my daughter and she also love him a lot in return.” Says Priya aka Shruti Seth from TV, Biwi aur Main.

Parvati Vaze as Jaya in Sajjan Re Phir Jhooth Mat Bolo-
“This year father’s day will be very special and emotional for me because unfortunately last year I lost my father. So this year on this special day I will miss him a lot. Today whatever I have learnt, my father have played a very strong role.” Says Parvati Vaze aka Jaya Lokhande from Sajjan Re Phir Jhooth Mat Bolo

Aditi Sajwan as Koyal in Chidiyaghar-
“My dad is my ideal, I am the first child of my parents so my papa and mummy are always concerned about me. My dad loves to eat chocolates, so this father’s day I will gift him the same. Each and every day he calls me without fail. My dad knows each and every work from repairing home appliances to electricity to plumbing, he is master in all the work. On this father’s day, I will be getting the love from two fathers, my real father and my reel father. Because I spend maximum time on sets with my reel father.” Says Aditi Sajwan a.k.a Koyal from Chidiyaghar

Thursday, June 15, 2017