Sony SAB Artists Go Down Memory Lane, Talk About Their First Interaction With Their Sasur


Ankita Sharma as Sheetal Beechwale in Sony SAB's Beechwale - Bapu Dekh Raha Hai.

Sony SAB’s latest show Mangalam Dangalam - Kabhi Pyaar Kabhi Vaar, highlights the love-hate relationship between a father (Manoj Joshi) and a prospective son-in-law (Karanvir Sharma) who is trying his best to impress the father of the girl he wants to marry.

With its quirky storyline and talented cast, the show has gained immense love and popularity. As a testament to this, actors from the Sony SAB family were inspired to talk about the relationship they share with their respective fathers-in-law!

Smita Bansal

I had a formal relationship with my father-in-law as he was very conservative. Given his shy nature in front of women, I always believed that he wouldn’t recognize me amongst 5 other women, as he never even looked up to see who his daughter-in-law was! However, to my surprise, he once mentioned to my mother-in-law that I had become really weak. Upon hearing this, I laughed and was shocked to know that he even recognized me. So, along with being formal, it was a very cute relationship as well.

Initially, he was against me working after marriage, and especially in this industry. However, I continued to work with my mother-in-law’s approval, and soon realized that he would happily go to his friends and tell them about my shows asking them to watch as well. Although I couldn’t tell him about my problems or needs directly, I am sure if he came to know about any such thing, he would do everything to have my needs satisfied. Hence, I was sure that around him, I am always safe.

Ananya Khare

My first interaction with my father in-law was over the phone since he lived in America and I was here in Mumbai. When I first met him in the US, at our mansion party, he didn’t speak much to me as he didn’t understand how to communicate with me. He assumed that since I’m from India, I wouldn’t know how to speak or understand English properly and hence, spoke only broken English sentences to me.

Later, however, he was shocked on listening to me speak fluent English with him and asked how I knew the language so well. I then told him how we are taught English since our childhood that is when he started speaking to me more openly and comfortably. We shared many great moments as the bond became stronger and he became a really good friend to me. He was undoubtedly a very kind hearted and a jolly person, who was always there for us at times of need. I had more interaction with him than I had with my mother and feel lucky to have had him as a part of my life.

Ankita Sharma

I had a very typical first meet with my father-in-law where he took my interview. In that interaction, though, I came to know that he is a Sanskrit teacher and hence, whatever pooja takes place in the family, he is the one to proceed it with his knowledge of mantras. We don’t see each other very often but, there is one funny episode that takes place every time I meet him. Whenever I tell him about how thin he has become, he takes his stomach in to look even slimmer and we all laugh over it.

Manav Gohil

I have always had a very friendly relationship with my father-in-law. I still remember, during my first interaction with him, I actually made a fool of myself. When I visited their house, there were serving stuffed parathas (aloo and gobhi paratha). So, I actually ate a gobhi paratha believing it was aloo paratha, and am mocked for this thing till date.

His driving is something I am quite scared of because he drives with a different passion. He is, however, an extremely kind person and it feels very homely whenever I meet him as he offers me a drink and we talk about many different things.

Raashul Tandon

I will be getting married next month and it’s an arranged one, so my first interaction with my to-be-father-in-law was a typical ‘first meet before marriage.’ Trust me, I haven’t been as scared in front of the camera, as I was before that meeting. They were supposed to come at our house and I had no idea what is going to happen, which put me in a panic zone. However, thankfully, my father-in-law is such a sweet and funny person that the interaction went really smooth. I am especially a fan of his sense of humour as he makes every moment very light and enjoyable with him, giving a friendly vibe.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018