Sony SAB TV: Interview with Vaibhav Singh as Bhaisaab for Sony SAB's Baavle Utaavle


Vaibhav Singh as Bhaisaab in Baavle Utaavle.

“I always wanted to do such kind of a role”, says Vaibhav Singh as Brajesh Dhimole in Sony SAB’s Baavle Utaavle

· What is the concept of Baavle Utaavle?

It’s a fun loving story based in Madhya Pradesh and is very relatable. People are going to enjoy the show as it is a situational comedy and every character is very important.

· Something about your character- Brajesh Dhimole?

Brajesh is a man who will do anything for his family and especially for his younger brother. He gives lessons of all sorts to him and loves him a lot. He is very supportive towards his brother and is a very comic character in general.

· How has the experience been so far, shooting on the set of Baavle Utaavle?

It has been a great experience until now, on the sets, with all the actors. Since it’s a comedy show, there are dialogues that make you laugh so much that you then have to give a lot of retakes. There are moments when it comes out as a natural comic scene. We are having a lot of fun and everyone on the set is very friendly.

· What made you take up this role?

This is a really different role for me as previously I have done roles according to typical daily soaps. However, this is a very natural and a relatable role. I am an elder brother in real life as well and when I heard the script, I instantly related to it, as it is exactly what happens. I always wanted to do such kind of a role and hence, decided to take it up.

· What according to you are some important characteristics of a good wife?

I will do with anything (Laughs). I have no specific qualities to look for, just that she should be able to love me unconditionally. It is also important for her to have her own ambitions and also, getting along well with my family.

· You are a very supportive brother on the show. What kind of a brother are you in real life?

I am a supportive brother in real life as well. I have a younger brother too and it all just feels so relatable with my real life. Just like on the show, if he is about to do something wrong, I let him take the experience but later make him understand not to do it again. I am very supportive and love my brother both in real and reel life.

· What are you expectations from the show? What will the audience like?

My expectations from this show are very high and I want the audience to like and appreciate our show. From my experience of previous shows, I can say that everyone here has worked extremely hard for the show and their performances are amazing. I just hope audience showers a little love upon us and I am sure they are going to love Baavle Utaavle.

· Are there any similarities between your character on the show and you in real life?

Yes, of course. I am exactly like Brajesh in terms of being a supportive brother.

· Do you watch Sony SAB? What is your favourite show on the channel?

I do watch Sony SAB. In fact my family in Delhi keeps watching the show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah on Sony SAB. Apart from that, I have seen Jijaji Chhat Per Hain as my friend is working in it and I really like it. Also, I am eagerly waiting for my show to come on Sony SAB.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019