Special lecture by Honorary Prof. in Education Krishan Kumar


Chandigarh, July 17, 2017: The renowned educationist Prof.Krishan Kumar who has taught at Delhi University has been conferred the designation of Honorary professor in Education at Panjab University. He delivered his first lecture on the theme Understanding Education for the faculty members and research scholars of education. He articulated the collective self introduction of the discipline of education to the world at large, where the word education either connotes a certain future, institutional engagement or the memory of passing through the system of education. Drawing out the contours of education he spoke about the three strands of knowledge which have contributed to concept of education in the civilised world i.e., political philosophy, developmental psychology and the knowledge of the learner’s milieu. He spoke about the deep power of primary socialisation which builds attitudes and beliefs, caste, free flow of knowledge, communication, concept of education and system of education. He emphasized the need to understand ideational representation of education and the common methodological expectations from educational research. Prof. Krishan Kumar was director of NCERT from 2004-10. He is known for his writings in sociology and history of education and for using school curriculum as means of social enquiry.

Chandigarh: The result B.Sc. (Hons) Bio-Technology). 6th Semester May 2017 declared on 17/07/2017 and the pass percentage comes 93.46%. 260 candidates appeared and 243 candidates passed in the examination. The result B.Sc. (Microbial Food-Technology). 6th Semester May 2017 declared on 17/07/2017 and the pass percentage comes 95.24%. 63 candidates appeared and 60 candidates passed in the examination.

Monday, July 17, 2017