Spread Astrology For Peace -- Prof.Kaptan Singh Solanki

Chandigarh, September 27, 2015: Astrology is the study of positions and aspects of celestial bodies in the belief that they have an influence on the course of natural earthly occurrences and human affairs.
Expressing these views while speaking in a Meha event of Astrology, organized by Jyotish Prangan here today the Punjab Governor, Prof.Kaptan Singh Solanki said that the, Astrology is only an attempt to have a glimpse of the future stream of life and foresee the likely trend of events which would consequently help us to manage our affairs in a more sagacious and expeditious manner.
Describing Astrology as identity of India Prof.Solanki said future is not only of human beings but of institutions and countries also. He said Swami Vivekananda Ji rightly predicted that 17th Century belongs to England, 18th to France, 19th to Germany, 20thto America and 21st Century would be of India. He said Astrology speaks about world beyond. He said human being acts as puppet in the hands of destiny. He asked the people to do selfless service and shun desires.
The Governor said that Astrology is very useful and have deep meanings in it which should be understood properly and thoroughly. He said it would help us to minimize our problems if adopted and followed in true spirit. He said need of the hour is to spread the rich values of Astrology to create healthy society and peace in the world.
The Governor said, India is accepted as the leading country in the field of astro-sciences by world renowned astrologers. The ancient Indian Atharva Veda is the starting point of Indian Astrology.
Speaking on the occasion Mr. Ajay Bhambi said that celestial movement of planets was understood very clearly. He said in Astrology special importance is given to two luminaries – the Sun and Moon and the Zodiac was also well defined and each sign was understood and the influence of planets, signs and rashis was studied on people in general.
Prominent amongst others present on the occasion included, Mr. MP Singh, Principal Secretary to Governor, Ms Poonam Sharma and Mr. Rajesh Sharma Astrologer, Mr. Inderjeet, Ms Pooja Chopra, Ms Shalini Munjal, Mr. Madan Gupta Saptu and Mr. Ashok Aggarwal.
Sunday, September 27, 2015