Sprite Continues to Inspire Clarity of Thought amongst India’s Teenagers


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Chandigarh, May 11, 2015: Friendships can be tricky, especially for teens who are growing up with friends of different personalities. While some friends are demanding, irritating and at times harmlessly wicked, there are others who are eager to help and extend a helping hand. And although helping out friends is a good thing, being taken advantage of isn't a great feeling.

Turning the tables on the harmlessly wicked, yet again, and inspiring moments of clarity and ingenuity, Sprite’s new campaign aims to take forward the brand’s “Clear Hai” message to the teenagers, leading them onto the path of spontaneity and fresh thinking.

Talking on the launch of the new integrated marketing campaign, Debabrata Mukherjee, Vice President, Marketing & Commercial, Coca-Cola India, said, “Brand Sprite enjoys a great connect with the young consumers in India and is the preferred sparkling brand in the clear lime segment. Teenagers and youngsters of the new India love the brand because it resonates with their personality of being straight-forward, spontaneous and creative. We’ve remained consistent in our dialogue with the target audiences for brand Sprite and with the new campaign, we aim to deepen our connect with them.”

Commenting on the campaign, Ajay Gahlaut, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy Delhi said, “Over the years Sprite has become synonymous with smart thinking. Clarity of thought combined with a bit of ingenuity has forever bailed out the Sprite protagonist from a tight situation. After making him go through many a hoop, this year we decided to keep him two steps ahead. Not just smart thinking, but thinking ahead.”

While the campaign currently centers around one situation from a teens’ life we feel there will be a strong connect with the central idea of staying ahead of the situation to wriggle out of it through your wit. The amplification of the campaign will having through multiple touch points including Radio, Cinema and will involve multiple situations from a teen’s life.

The campaign has been conceptualized by Ajay Gahlaut, Group Creative Director and Piyush Pandey, Creative Head, Ogilvy and directed by reputed ad film maker, Prasoon Pandey, Corcoise films.

Creative Team

•        Piyush Pandey - Executive Chairman & Creative Director, South Asia

•        Ajay Gahlaut – Executive Creative Director

•        Krishna Mani – Senior Creative Director

•        Shailender Mahajan – Senior Creative Director

•        Varun Khullar- Creative Controller

The campaign will launch fresh TVC Sprite ‘Bike’ which showcases daily life situations that every youngster in India can relate to. The story depicts how the brand helps the youngsters attain clarity of thought, in turn allowing them to think smart, overcome the obstacle and achieve their goals.

The film shows the Sprite character use his clarity of mind & wit to overcome a situation of a pesky friend who keeps asking others for favors. The Sprite guy finds his own cool way to get out of this and also leaves others around him awestruck.

Monday, May 11, 2015