Stars struck by diarrhea at the 5th Gold Awards…Just not the kind you imagine!


It seems like the excitement of winning an award give our television stars another high altogether! Much to the dismay of the hosts for XXXXXX (award name), Manish Paul & Mona Singh, they found that once certain stars got on stage to receive an award, they were plagued by an attack of verbal diarrhea! Once they went up on stage, they just would not stop gushing and thanking the world and it’s family for the award they achieved. The gift of the gab gets clearly on an oral diarrhea overdrive for each winner!!!

The first victim was none other than newcomer Deepika Singh, who is earning rave reviews for her onscreen character, Sandhya. After picking up her award for the Best Female Debut, the young actress gushed non-stop for a long time…Sweet thing that she is, she went on to thank everyone from God to her parents, to her producer, director, rest of the cast & crew, she even thanked her make-up artistes and spot boys! When the ‘thank you’s’ just would not stop, Manish Paul, who never lets go of an opportunity to pull a fellow actors leg butts in and announced, “This awards ceremony is meant to come to a close tonight and not in 2013!” Poor Deepika went red in the face and made it a point to ‘wrap up’ her seemingly never ending acceptance speech in a matter of seconds.

Anupam Shyam Ojha aka Sajjan Singh, despite being in the industry for a while was equally thrilled at being considered the best villain on TV! He too spoke as if it’s the first award he’s received and went on for what seemed like an eternity which made anchor Manish Paul do the unthinkable – the charming host lay down on stage on the pretext of taking a nap while Shyam finished giving his acceptance speech! Talk about a funny way to hurry things along and get winners to realize that the show had to go on!

(July 28, 2012)