Strike a delicate balance between Hard and Soft Skill for Business Excellence: Khaitan


Ludhiana, March 14, 2019: It Is not only the technical skills or the hard power that leads to business excellence, rather it is the ability to develop soft skills or soft power, and also being able to strike a delicate balance between the two that could catapult a business to achieve breakthroughs, was the message shared by Anil Khaitan, Chairman SNK Group at a Seminar organised by LMA. Introducing the theme of the Seminar Soft Skills for an Effective Management Culture, Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, Sr. Vice President LMA emphasised that in pursuit of success Organisations focus on getting the best plant and equipment, setting up the best infrastructure, but neglect the investments that need to be made in development of manpower and its soft skills.
Khaitan emphasised that the organisations especially family businesses, need to undergo a paradigm shift from the sole focus of chasing business success in terms of top or the bottom line growth to creating excellence at all levels and in all activities, and the pursuit of excellence would itself lead to success in business across all financial and other business metrics. He maintained that the endeavour to create the Soft Culture would fructify only if the top management encouraged intrapreneurship, i.e developing employees who think and act as entrepreneurs. Though many organisations want to create excellence they fail because of leadership gaps. Khaitan shared the success mantras for leadership to be professional knowledge twined with professional competence, positive attitude backed by positive actions, humility, moral and physical courage, loyalty to subordinates and followers, decisiveness, patience, perseverance, passion and will power to dictate one’s mind, rather than being dictated by it. Kamal Wadhera in his presidential address appreciated Khaitans ability to demystify leadership, soft culture and other related concepts. He asserted that members would need to understand that only organisations that holistically develop their systems, processes and people would be able to excel in the fiercely competitive business world. Mr. Anil Khaitan was felicitated by Mr. Mahesh Munjal, Dr. Mrs Paramjit Kaur, General Secretary, LMA and Dr. Prem Kumar.

Thursday, March 14, 2019