SUNNY Deol’s “Dhaai Kilo Ka Haath”


Weighing Sunny Paaji's dhaai kilo ka haath.

Weighed For The First Time on India’s Best Dramebaaz

When Sunny Deol makes an appearance anywhere, everybody  wants to see him flex his much famed “dhaai kilo ka haath” … when the Garam Dharam ka dashing Puttar recently visited the sets of Zee TV’s ‘India’s Best Dramebaaz’, the talented brat-pack of the show went one step further and demanded that they actually weigh his famous arm and verify whether it is really 2 and ½ kgs …

Unable to turn down a bunch of boisterous kids, Sunny Paa ji gave in and decided to humor them. So a weighing scale was brought on stage and India’s answer to ‘He Man’ actually weighed his arm and it was found to be way more than just 2.5 Kgs!!! The episode also saw the lively Dramebaaz kids join Sunny in a hilarious jig to the song ‘Yaara O Yaara’ where they all danced in Sunny’s trademark foot-stomping style.   

Speaking of the kids, Sunny said, “It’s amazing to see such little children deliver long monologues with ease and expression. They are so mature for their age. Each of them has a bright future in theatre or films. I wish them the very best for the grand finale of the show and for success in their acting careers!”

With the Grand Finale of ‘India’s Best Dramebaaz’ coming right up on Saturday, May 25, the Top 6 dramebaazes Aditya Singhal from Pune, Anjali Astha from Mohali, Chinmay Deshkar from Nagpur, Mehnaaz Mann from Mohali, Nihar Gite from Shirdi, Praneet Sharma from Jaipur are all busy polishing their acting skills and getting geared up to put their best foot forward! May the best dramebaaz win!

(Stay tuned to the Grand Finale of India’s Best Dramebaaz at 8 PM on Saturday, May 25)

Monday, May 20, 2013