Surbhi Jyoti: ‘Do not judge a girl by her attire’

Surbhi Jyoti.

In the wake of the recent rape and molestation cases that have wrecked the peace of the country especially of the women, Zee TV has decided to spread awareness about the sad state of our Nation through its popular show Qubool Hai. The makers have decided to insert a plot where the character of Surbhi Jyoti, Zoya will become a victim of a certain stranger’s fantasy and how she will reprimand him for his untoward behavior towards women. 

Said Ajay Bhalwankar, ZEELs Content Head, “What’s happening in our country today is extremely shameful. Women are being victimized day in and day out in some or the other part of the country. Qubool Hai being an extremely popular show, we thought would be an ideal platform to spread a message and we have weaved this in very subtly. Zoya personifies and represents the women of today. We have created a situation wherein she raises her voice against the third rate mentality of the majority of the men folk of our society who objectify women.”

Said Surbhi on this topic, “I feel scared, distressed and helpless. I feel insecure in my own country and I’m sure this is how every woman in India feels these days. My character Zoya is raising a very pertinent issue. Most men judge women by the way she dresses. Wearing skirts or stepping out late in the night doesn’t make her ‘available’. Men need to respect women. Why can’t a woman live the way she wants to??  When a woman says ‘no’, she means it....her clothes don’t define her character or her friendly nature does not mean she is available.”

In the track it will be shown how Zoya meets a stranger named Rajveer while being stranded on the roads of Bhopal because of a taxi strike. Rajveer gives her a lift back to the house. Zoya is extremely thankful but he obviously misconstrues her gratitude for her "open-ness". Rajveer is a typical educated but feudal minded guy who belongs to the school of thought that if a girl is friendly or she talks openly to you that means she is hitting on you or is ready to compromise. He thinks that her act of taking a lift from him makes her a morally loose girl.

Through this track Zoya will drive home the point that just because a girl talks to a man in a friendly manner does not mean she is asking for "it". Also when a girl says no….understand it’s a NO.

Watch Zoya critique the perverse orthodox male gaze in the upcoming track of Qubool hai, Monday to Friday at 9 30pm only on Zee TV!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013