SURGERY: Extensive surgery done at CMCH


Ludhiana, November 20, 2012: Jiwanshu, 7 year old male child (bearing hospital Unit no. C – 7411726) was admitted under Paediatric Surgery on November 6 this year with complains of recurrent urinary tract infection and pain abdomen. 

Investigations, including USG abdomen and IVP was done which showed a large stone occupying the entire collecting system of right kidney causing dilatation and poor function.

He underwent Pyelolithotomy (stone removing surgery which was extensive and took 4 hours) on 19/11/2012.    Without this surgery, his kidney function would have deteriorated further, besides possible risk of serious systemic infection precipitated by the culprit kidney.

At present he is recovering in the Paediatric Surgical ward at CMC Hospital, Ludhiana.

The Paediatric Surgery team is headed by Dr. William Bhatti (Professor  & Head). Dr. Nandini K Bedi (Associate Professor), Dr. Alka Gupta Grewal (Assistant Professor), Dr. Sumit Dhuria (MCh Resident), Dr. Amol Daniel (Resident), Dr. Dona George (House Doctor).


Tuesday, November 20, 2012