Timely treatment saves life in Heart Attack: CMCH Ludhiana Doctor


Ludhiana, May 23, 2018: Mr.Mahak Singh, a 47 year old previously healthy factory manager from Ludhiana had severe chest pain and suffered a cardiac arrest. He was immediately referred to CMC Hospital from a local hospital. He was unconscious and on assisted respiration. On arrival at CMC Emergency he had a second cardiac arrest and a convulsion. He was revived by the emergency department team of Dr.Amit Gulrez, Dr.Farhan Sikoh and Dr.Nivedita Calton.His ECG showed a massive heart attack with irregular heart beat. He required cardiac resuscitation and was put on a ventilator. He underwent an urgent CT scan of the head which was normal. He was then shifted to the cardiac cath lab without any delay and an angiography of his heart was done which showed one of the major arteries to be totally blocked. Immediately a Primary angioplasty was performed by Dr.Rajneesh Calton, Dr.Ashwin Kooran and Dr.Anish John and a stent was placed in his LAD artery. He required intensive monitoring in the ICCU over the next 12 hours. His condition steadily improved and he was discharged from the hospital after 12 days.
Dr.Rajneesh Calton, Professor and Head of Cardiology department at CMC hospital, Ludhiana informed that time is a very important factor in the treatment of heart attack. If anyone has chest pain, he or she should not ignore it and immediately consult a doctor and get an ECG done. In case of a major heart attack, if the blocked artery of the heart is opened within 90 minutes of reaching the hospital then the chances of survival are better. But if there is a delay in treatment, then the heart muscle starts to get permanently damaged and the chances of survival decrease.
Dr.Rajneesh Calton said that fortunately Mr. Mahak Singh could reach our Hospital in time and his life could be saved by the Grace of God and the teamwork of dedicated doctors, nurses and technical staff of the hospital.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018