TLC’s Independence Day digital campaign ‘FreedomIs’ received a tremendous response on social media platforms. Launched to salute the indomitable spirit of the Indian woman, who is gaining her independence every day, women all across appreciated the campaign.

The high-intensity digital campaign was launched across digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The video has been viewed by over half a million people and reached over 4 million viewers on social platforms.

The campaign celebrated Indian women in different spheres of life discussing the multiple manifestations of freedom - from societal to economic liberation.On social media, women responded with messages of appreciation to the video and talked about their views on independence.

Speaking about the campaign, Rajiv Bakshi, Vice President, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific (South Asia) said, “Each person defines freedom as per the prevailing situation and surrounding challenge. There is a woman announcing her independence every day across India. On India’s 70th anniversary of independence, TLC highlights women aspirations and descriptions about this breathtaking word – freedom. Capturing today’s woman, the Digital campaign lifts the veil from the past auguring the future.”

Friday, August 19, 2016