Tough times ahead for Ichha in Ichhapyaari Naagin


Mamta (Pooja Khatri), Dadi (Farida Dadi) and Ichha (Priyal Gor) in Sony SAB's Ichhapyaari Naagin.

The problems at Pehelwan house of Sony SAB’s Ichhapyaari Naagin is getting worse every day with the entry of Sursuri, a Naagin who wants to take revenge from Ichha. Sursuri (Jasvinder Kaur) who is always conspiring against Ichha now tries to create a rift between the family members which can directly affect her.

Sursuri now disguised as Chanchal (Sheila Sharma) seeks Dadi’s permission for a competition between all the daughter-in-law’s. Dadi refuses for any competition between family members. Chanchal convinces Dadi saying that the competition between her and the daughter-in-law’s, Mamta (Pooja Khatri) and Ichha (Priyal Gor) will help them to bond better and have a healthy relationship. Dadi agrees to have a healthy competition and gives different tasks to each daughter-in-law. Ichha has been told to cook food for everyone. When Ichha is ready with her vegetable dish, Sursuri who is disguised as Chanchal adds extra salt in her dish giving a conclusion to her evil plan.

Meanwhile, the male members of Pratap family, Prabal (Praveen Sirohi), Sabal (Rakshit Pratap) and Khadak (Badrul Islam) conspires against Ichha to defeat her in the competition. They decides to go to the kitchen when Ichha is not around and mix chilli powder in her dish.

How will Iccha win this competition? Will Sursuri succeed in her plan?

Commenting on the track, Priyal Gor who plays Ichha says, “Sursuri is creating trouble in Ichha’s life since the day she got married. Ichha is unaware that sursuri is behind all the problem post her marriage. The competition is one way to win everyone’s confidence in her. But with everyone conspiring against her how she will manage to win this competition is the real challenge for her.”

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Friday, April 21, 2017