Town Hall Meeting of Allahabad Bank and Indian Bank in Kolkata with motto of bonding together, growing stronger, scaling higher

Town Hall Meeting of Allahabad Bank and Indian Bank

Kolkata, November 7, 2019: A Joint Town Hall Meeting was organized on 6th November at Kolkata by Allahabad Bank, a leading Public Sector Bank of the country, to take forward the process of amalgamation of Allahabad Bank and Indian Bank following the decision of Government of India.

The Town Hall Meeting evoked overwhelming response as the members of staff of both the Banks participated in large numbers with enthusiasm. The historic and successful Town Hall Meeting at Kolkata was the Third Town Hall Meeting of the proposed Merged entity after Chennai & Vijayawada.

The mammoth gathering of Executives, Officers and members of staff was addressed by Ms. Padmaja Chunduru, MD & CEO, Indian Bank. Shri K Ramachandran & Shri P R Rajagopal, Executive Directors of Allahabad Bank also addressed the participants of both the Banks.

Addressing the meeting, Ms Chunduru welcomed staff / officers of Allahabad Bank & Indian Bank and expressed confidence that the amalgamation will open new vistas of consolidation, bonding, hope and growth for the proposed large entity. She asserted that the amalgamation of two strong Banks is aimed at bringing about radical changes for employees, economy and country at large. She called upon all employees of both the Banks to join hands, work in tandem to build a better future for all stake holders. She emphasized the benefits of amalgamation and synergies associated with the amalgamation of the two century old Banks into a Banking powerhouse. She hoped that the City of Joy will make us the Bank of Joy with the active contribution of one and all. A common training programme is envisaged for employees of both the Banks to quickly understand the people, process and products.

The MD & CEO highlighted that the HR integration shall be accorded priority to ensure smooth and seamless amalgamation as also to instantly sort out issues coming in the way. She assured the employees of both the Banks to provide better opportunity for growth and prospects for talent pool management, exposure and better progress for the employees. She exhorted the employees to continue their focus on business growth and customer service during the transition period. Ms. Chunduru underlined that with the concentration of Allahabad Bank in Eastern and North East India and Indian Bank in Southern part of the country, the combined entity will have a robust Pan India presence paving the way for a bright future in all aspects.

Shri K. Ramachandran, Eexcutive Director, Allahabad Bank emphasized that as a river flows into the ocean to a bigger water body, similarly after this merger, instead of mid size Bank we will also be called a large Bank. He hoped that the committed work force of both the Banks shall take up the grand event with all positivity to build a large, strong and vibrant Bank to fulfill the aspirations. He also urged the employees of both the Banks to ensure that the customers of both the Banks get uninterrupted and seamless customer service with minimum dislocation.

Shri P. R. Rajagopal, Executive Director, Allahabad Bank traced the grand history of Allahabad bank and reminded that Allahabad Bank is functioning as a financial entity since 1865 despite facing many ups and downs, although many have fallen to the way side during the period. He called upon the work force of both Banks to take up the opportunity with passion and deeper insight with an eye on bright future.

In his welcome address, the General Manager (HR) of Allahabad Bank, Shri S. K. Suri stressed on the HR integration for smooth transition to a merged entity. Shri P.C. Dash, General Manager (HR) of Indian Bank, said that the proposed merged entity is poised to make its foray in the Indian Banking with high hopes as both the Banks are almost on the same level in important parameters.

As the tagline of both the Banks demonstrates, “ A Tradition of Trust” & “Your own Bank”, combining them will turn it into “Your own Bank with A Tradition of Trust”.

The Town Hall meeting concluded with a vote of thanks by Shri Sudhanshu Gaur, General Manager, Allahabad Bank, who assured all the stakeholders of both the Banks that the combined teams will work together to propel the merged entity into a world class, tech savvy, Bank.

Thursday, November 7, 2019