Travel trends in 2017/ By Rakshit Desai, Managing Director, FCM Travel Solutions, India

Mr. Rakshit Desai.

People from all around the world have had one thing in common this year, the realization of investing more in experiences than investing in tangible products. This mass understanding especially amongst the millennials has helped grow the travel and tourism industrymultifold.
Like 2016, 2017 will also be full of exciting itineraries with top travel destinations of the year. As per our internal research and analysis, 2017will witnessa number of international and domestic destinations that will hit the charts with tourist attractions.


Short haul destinations are always a favourite with Indian travellers. One long weekend (weekend prefixed or suffixed with bank holidays) is stimulant enough to fulfil travel instincts.2016 saw an upsurge of as high as 22% (Y-o-Y) for short haul destinations.

Destinations that 2017 will see a continuous uptake include Vietnam, Bali and Dubai.Vietnam surely is on every travellers list, particularly for the ones who choose to takethe road less travelled. Unlike other holiday destinations Vietnamis mostly popular as a stress-freedestination with Visa on arrival for Indians and improved flight connectivity. Additionally, Vietnamoffers a value-for-money package with affordable eateries and low exchange rates with a stronger rupee,thereby making the destination the most popular choice of value-conscious Indian travellers. Its top attractions includeHalong Bay, Hanoi, Sapa, Nha Trang, Mekong Delta etc. Another evergreen destination that is most likely to make place in the Indian traveller’s bucket list in 2017 is Bali. Bali doesn’t necessarily have a peak season nor does it need any occasion as the weather is always travel friendly. The beautiful villas and resorts with breath-taking views of Seminyak and Kuta beachis a complete game-changer for travellers looking for cost effective accommodations. Luring tourists both for its serenity &culture, buzzing energy and adventure activities such as water sports and cycling holidays, Bali is expected to be one of the hottest tourist spot in 2017.

Europe, the prized holiday destination of Indian travellers, will be the favourite long haul destination, especially for honeymoon couples and solo travellers. The most popular trio -France, Switzerland and Austriaaccount for a large number of Indiantravellers, as observed in 2016. Fromsports activities in the Alpine Lakes to Skiing holidays and tobogganing, cycling, paragliding and hiking amid the beautiful and fresh mountain ranges, the European belt is expected to see an uptake of 12 to 15% (Y-o-Y) in 2017. Scandinavian countries (Norway and the Nordic Finland) too will steal the limelight for its mesmerizing Aurora Borealis famously known as “The Northern Lights” and Nordic walking. The spine chilling winters, bundled in sleeping bags and lying under the magnificent northern lights is an experience for many and will continue to attract a lot of travellers.

Another interesting trend which is most likely to be hot in 2017 is Self-Drives.
Self-drive holidays have seen an upsurge with today’s travellers wanting to explore more about their travel destinations. These will continue to gain great traction as the new age voyagers are constantly looking for raw and authentic experiences. Apart from being economical, self-drive breaks allow travellers to discover new & offbeat paths and tread their own.With an adventurous and thrilling vibe to the idea of experiencing the trails first hand, self-drive holidays are a hit with not just experienced travellers but also youngsters. The most beautiful and exotic getaways to trend in 2017 are Europe, New Zealand & UK with some breath-taking driveways. USA and Australiaare expected to see a fair amount of takes, too. Having said that, Self-drive escapes will surely be a trendsetter in 2017!

Friday, December 30, 2016