Tree plantation drive carried out in PU Campus

Tree plantation drive carried out in PU Campus

All faculty and staff members actively participate in this drive

Chandigarh, July 18, 2019: Tree Plantation was carried out in the Political Science Department, Panjab University, Chandigarh with the assistance of Horticulture Department of PU. More than 30 plants of Cassiagulaca were planted in front of Arts Bloc No.IV (near parking side). The faculty, staff, students and Research Scholars of the Department were present. Dr. Navjot, Chairperson advised the students to plant more trees to keep the environment green, clean, safe and healthy. The students agreed to take care of plantations of these trees.

Meanwhile, a Tree Plantation Drive was undertaken by the Department of Life Long Learning and Extension in collaboration with Horticulture Wing of Panjab University around the surrounding of Emerging Area Building, here today. Firstly sprucing of the lawns and grounds around Emerging Area in Social Sciences Block was prepared. Mowing of grass, weeds and wild growth was done. Flower beds were prepared and shrubs and trees like Ficus were planted. In addition to that, some herbs like Tulsi and Shrubs like Kaner and Chinese Rose were planted for beautification and ornamentation of the area. All the faculty and staff members of the Department actively participated in this drive and planted the plants. As desired by the Panjab University authorities, the programme was undertaken on the initiative of Dr. P.S. Kang, Chairperson, Department of Life Long Learning and Extension, Panjab University, Chandigarh.

Also, the Girls Hostel No. 8 of Panjab University organized a tree plantation drive in collaboration with Rahul Mahajan of Social Substance and Horticulture Department of P.U. here today 18, 2019. Vikram Nayyar, the Finance and Development Officer, P.U. inaugurated the drive by planting a sapling. Prof. Emanual Nahar, Dean Student Welfare(DSW) with Prof. Neena Capalash, DSW (W) and wardens of the hostels participated in the drive and they have also planted saplings. The coordinator of the drive was Dr. Anupam Bahri, warden of GH8. The residents along with the employees of the hostel also participated in the drive. Saplings were also adopted by them. The students from Bhavan Vidyalaya, Sector 33 also participated in the drive and create awareness to save the environment.

Thursday, July 18, 2019