Tributes To Martyrs Of Saragarhi Battle On Eve Of Saragarhi Day At The Sikh Regimental Centre, Ramgarh Cantt


Tributes being paid to the Martyrs of Saragarhi Battle at The Sikh Regimental Centre, Ramgarh Cantt.

Jalandhar, September 14, 2015: The Saragarhi Day was observed at The Sikh Regimental Centre, Ramgarh Cantonment on 12 September 15 to commemorate the 118 yrs of the battle of Saragarhi fought in the Samana Ridge in North Waziristan, now in North-West Pakistan. On this occasion Lieutenant General GS Shergill, Chief of Staff, Headquarters Central Command and Colonel of the Sikh Regiment was specially present at SIKH Regimental Centre, Ramgarh Cantonment to pay homage to the martyrs. The function started with prayers at Gurudwara Sahib followed by wreath laying by the General along with Commandant of the Sikh Regimental Centre and other Officers, JCOs & Jawans at the Saragarhi War Memorial which has been re-erected at the Sikh Regimental Centre Ramgarh in the memory of soldiers martyred in battle of Saragarhi. A Special Sainik Sammelan by Colonel of the Sikh Regiment was also organized, during which the General reiterated and emphasised the importance of this day and motivated the Officers, JCOs and Jawans. 
This heroic day of 12 September 1897 continues to motivate the generations and modern SIKH Regiment continues to celebrate the Day of the Battle of Saragarhi on each 12 September as the “Regimental Battle Honour Day”.  The Battle Honour day, Saragarhi, is celebrated by the entire Sikh Regt. The famous Battle of Saragarhi was fought in Sep 1897 by handful of 21 soldiers and one civilian of 4 SIKH, forming part of the British Indian Army. The battle was against thousands of Pathans in the North Western Frontier Province (now in Pakistan). All 22 SIKH soldiers perished in the battle as they fought to the last bullet and last breath’, but did not yield even an inch of ground that they were holding, to the enemy.
The epic battle figures as one of the Eight stories of collective bravery published by  UNESCO and is worth recalling and recording on the eve of its 118th year. In the chequered history of the Sikh Regiment “The Battle of Saragarhi “has a Kohinoor Diamond status in the Sikh Regiment’s crown of glory. This battle is saga of supreme sacrifice, unmatched courage and dedication to duty by the Indian soldiers.Every year this day (12 Sep) is dedicated to those bravest & courageous 22 soldiers who engraved their name in Golden letters in the annals of the History. This day of Heroic act is remembered in the whole world as an example of fidelity, Sacrifice and Valour of the Soldiers of the Sikh Regiment.     
Monday, September 14, 2015