Tricity doc to present research paper in US

Tricity doc to present research paper in US

Dr Virendar Sarwal.

Chandigarh: Tricity cardiac surgeon, Dr Virendar Sarwal‘s work has been accepted and appreciated internationally.
His paper titled ‘Surgical Revascularization in Acute MI’ has been accepted for presentation at the 57th annual meeting of Eastern Cardiothoracic Surgical Society at Naples, Florida USA, which will be held from October 16-19.
It’s a prestigious scientific meeting of out-shoot of Society of Thoracic Surgeons USA.
There are very few reports on this serious heart condition and the timing of surgery is very important. It’s either with first 1-3 days or after 8 days. Intervening period has higher mortality to the tune of 15-20%. Intra-Aortic balloon pump is an important support for good outcomes during and before surgery sometimes and acts as a bridge to bypass surgery.
The reason for the high mortality in such conditions is that there is lot of swelling in the heart after heart attack so after revascularization there may be reperfusion injury or arrhythmias or haemodynamic instability which leads to worsening of situation. Important guide to decision making is guided by Trop I levels and when the decreasing trend starts and comes down to 5 or less is best time to intervene and that generally happens in a weeks’ time.
Dr Sarwal who is Director and HOD at Ojas Hospital, Panchkula said that bypass surgery in acute heart attack situation is very challenging and it needs very thorough evaluation to choose a perfect timing for optimal results as it carries high mortality. He has the best experience in such case in tricity which numbers to 1070 in last 10-yr with excellent outcomes.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019