Twitter talks about #DirtyTalkIn4Words


Ever had a doubt that India likes to talk dirty? Within three hours of launching a contest called as #DirtyTalkIn4Words it became top most trending topic across the world! is India’s first and largest E-Commerce portal across the world!

According to Samir Saraiya, CEO,, "Social media has always helped us to grow, our broad fan-base always gets a chance to connect with us via these contests." 

#DirtyTalkIn4Words is a contest run by in which the wittiest entry wins an exclusive and official Fifty Shades of Grey Blindfold worth INR 2,400. It has been a trending topic since has run the contest, which shows that Sex and Relationships is no more a taboo in India. 

Twitter’s trending topics can make you understand anything with the help of its new description options for each and everything that appears in your tweets sections. Whatever it may be, whether it is a hashtag or a trending section, now Twitter allows its users to view a short description of it, whenever a user clicks over it. 

Thursday, April 30, 2015