UDO launches its Mobile App; brings on-demand expert advice on your fingertips


New Delhi, April 21, 2017- Mobile application brand UDO successfully launched their mobile app that lets you connect to thousands of experts in over a hundred categories. The app, available at Google Play Store, offers more convenience with its user-friendly features, enabling one to offer and get on-demand expert advice at their finger tips. The procedure is simple; any person in India can sign up as an expert in their field of interest, get verified by UDO for their skill and start making money.
UDO empowers Indian audiences with expert advice in every step as they take on life. Coining the term e-employment, the modern-age app presents as a lucrative employment opportunity for all. Students who are experts in simple troubleshooting like router problems, laptop issues, and basic mobile troubleshooting can help technology illiterates and get paid for their time. Trainers or management experts can make money by helping CEOs, or Executives in need of help/advice to work through day to day problems such as helping them manage a difficult boss or a difficult employee. With UDO the possibilities are immense- from jobs, overseas educational consulting, one on one coaching, to relationship advise, career guidance, veterinary support for your pets, pet behavioural advice and more. Hence, UDO is a complete package in itself; the innovative app allows individuals to become an on-demand coach for people.
UDO wants’ its users to stop texting and start talking to experts. Thus, with expert advice on finger tips and the ability to connect to an actual verified person instantaneously, UDO has the potential to become the market leader in Search and Assisted services. Moreover, backed by a strong panel of Industry experts on their advisory board, makes UDO a very accommodating and sustainable model.
Commenting on the soft launch, Mr. Teja Gudluru, Founder and CEO of UDO said, “We are delighted to announce the soft launch of UDO. We believe that every Indian has an opinion about something in life and we will now pay you for it. UDO, in simple words, is a mobile app that lets you go online to connect with experts. I have always believed that the best way to communicate is through conversations, not texts. UDO is a great way for people to make money in their free time, without the frills of employment or for some, dual employment.”
He added, “We have coined the term e-employment; whether it is helping tourists and new comers to the city with translation services, routes and things to do, or helping student ace their exams, get your skills verified by UDO and start earning!”
This unique name UDO is a colloquial abbreviation to the word You Do! There are many times in life that one requires an advisor or a mentor, UDO can be a partner or all occasions by providing the necessary information. UDO is an unparalleled venture as a platform that can benefit users who need help, experts who have time to spare and companies who are looking for specific databases to reach out to. This makes it a very accommodating and sustainable model. UDO is Aiming to be the part of fortune 500 companies, promoters aspire to reach 1 Lakh downloads by August, 2017 with an annual turnover of 2 crores. UDO, has also foreseen future evolution of services in providing multi assistance to its users.

Friday, April 21, 2017