UFC GYM Announces Exclusive Partnership With Life Wellness International Development To Open Franchise Locations Throughout Taiwan


TAIPEI, TAIWAN, April 12, 2017 - UFC GYM today announced an exclusive partnership with Life Wellness International Development to open 10 locations throughout Taiwan. The countries first signature UFC GYM will be in Taipei and is scheduled for its grand opening in June. Located at B1, No. 27, An-Ho Road, Section 1, this 35,000-square foot signature gym will mark the commencement of a partnership that joins recent of UFC GYM expansion announcements pan-regionally across Asia.

"We're thrilled to launch this landmark partnership with Life Wellness to expand UFC GYM's global footprint throughout Taiwan," UFC GYM President Adam Sedlack said. "Taiwanese are now focusing on their health more than ever and UFC GYM is a perfect fit to help Taiwan's fitness enthusiasts TRAIN DIFFERENT®, while striving to achieve their individual goals."

As a company established in 2016, Life Wellness International Development is an ambitious firm operated by several passionate enterprising founders. With strong business relationships throughout the country, Life Wellness is committed to becoming Taiwan's leading fitness brand.

"Combat sports transform people from within," Life Wellness International Development Chief Executive Officer Hank Wu said. "Sports and competition strengthen your mind, body and soul. I'm a firm believer that incorporating various martial arts disciplines should be standard practice among fitness activities. Life Wellness and UFC GYM are proud to embark on this partnership to bring this unique form of fitness training to the citizens of Taiwan, while creating a positive environment. Taiwanese people are known to be some of the friendliest and most hospitable people in the world. They deserve better -- they deserve UFC GYM."

Since debuting in 2009, UFC GYM has opened more than 135 locations throughout the United States, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Oman, Philippines, South America, Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates. The fitness franchise has continued to grow at a rapid pace with more than 50 locations opening in the past two years and over 50 gyms expected to open in the next year.

"UFC has a tremendous fan base across Asia and we're excited that UFC GYM will bring its unique training methods to this market," UFC Senior Vice President of International and Content Joe Carr said. "UFC GYM is a perfect brand extension of our organization that helps introduce the sport and values of mixed martial arts to audiences of all ages."

Offering a full-range of functional fitness classes, group and private MMA training, group fitness, personal and group dynamic performance-based training, plus MMA youth programming, UFC GYM creates training programs to fit all ages and fitness levels. UFC GYM programming has been developed through exclusive access to the training regimens of internationally-acclaimed UFC athletes, providing members with everything they need for the entire family to move, get fit and live a healthy life.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017