Very slow working in Smart City Mission Ludhiana


There is a need to expedite work on smart city mission Ludhiana as project management consultants-team AECOM has not been successful in delivering anything concrete to citizens of Ludhiana during last more than three years.

Citizens of Ludhiana were expecting a lot under smart city mission but PMC has failed to deliver quality projects so far. Coordination of all involved in Smart city mission Ludhiana must be increased immediately to give relief to citizens especially from traffic congestion and pollution.

First of all there must be smart independent office of LSCL as was decided in first smart city board of directors meeting in circuit house in first half of 2016. All involved in Ludhiana Smart City Mission are sitting in different offices at different places and how smart results will come up?

Ludhiana, we all know is suffering from multi departments with multi offices at multi locations. Even the board of directors meeting must held in Ludhiana only as majority directors are from city. There must be a citizens committee comprising of representatives from different associations and NGO's.

Designs and drawings of all upcoming projects must be displayed/shared with Ludhianvis which team PMC has failed to share so far.

Smart Ghumar Mandi road, Malhar road and Sarabha Nagar market, multi-storey parking in Feroze Gandhi market has not started even after three years.

(The Author Ar.Sanjay Goel is Director-Ludhiana Smart City Limited & Chairman-IIA Punjab Chapter)

Thursday, March 7, 2019