Watch Lil Yachty’s sensational song “Bring it Back”


Lil Yachty’s new track from the album Teenage Emotions all set to hit the charts. Lil Yachty, the Grammy award nominated rapper and singer is the new addition to the Universal Music Group. Making a splash with his singles “One Night” and “Minnesota” in 2015, Lil Yachty has continued with his hit spree ever since. Lil Yachty & Friends come through with the perfect visual for the kids and“Bring it back” is a single from his upcoming debut album, Teenage Emotions. The track itself is heavily auto-tuned over an 80’s inspired punk instrumental. The visual is a colorful and vintage-styled look with imagery an 1980’s Back To the Future themed prom. In the end he actually pulls off in the Back To the Future movie looking whip everyone has seen in their childhood!

Check out the full visual for yourself as it takes you back to your childhood teenage essence.

Lil Yachty is known for his catchy tunes and he endorses his tune as “Bubblegum Rap”. He has been nominated for 3 Billboard music awards, with his song 1 night is a certified platinum and over 215 million streaming in USA. He also remixed Katy Perry’s smashing hit, Chained to Rhythm, which garnered over 1 Million listeners on sound cloud. The artist cut his debut album with 21 tracks recently, Teenage Emotions.

Lil Yachty makes his entry with the admired list of artists of Universal Music with his track “Bring It Back” from the album Teenage Emotions, which has made it in top 5 in the Billboard top 200 with its entry. The song is about love, heartbreak and missing. The video is set up against the college prom backdrop.

Lil Yachty made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel show earlier and gave a sneak peek for this song on the show and made his television debut.