WCK 2012: Modern gadget and technique makes Kabaddi fairer


Chandigarh, December 10, 2012: The game of Kabaddi once confined to the fields of villages in Punjab has now galloped into the international arena. The game has also embraced new techniques with the use of new gadgets which makes it more interesting and transparent. One can see the usage of modern gadgets and techniques in Kabaddi while watching the World Cup Kabaddi match.

Kabaddi is now using new strict regime of regulation, which it has borrowed from other games of international acclaim. The new chapters of regulation it has incorporated included, the use of third umpire, use of hooter for automatic 30 seconds calculation of a raid, use of green, yellow and red card by the umpire to maintain discipline among the players, placement of lineman outsides the two boundaries.

Like the game of cricket, to decide any contentious point matter is referred to the third umpire who after watching the replay of the match announces his verdict. The match is also telecast live on the big two screens set up at the stadium. The time span of 30 seconds of a raid is being calculated by the use of ‘Hotter’. It is a device which is switched on when a raider go for a raid, siren is banged. After the period of 30 seconds is over the siren again banged automatically.

Linemen are placed outside the two halves, who ensure that the players are remained in their boundaries and their limbs are not touching the outer circumference of the boundaries. More teeth have been provided to the umpires to maintain discipline in the field, who are now equipped with green, yellow and red cards. Green card for warning, yellow for suspension from the game for 2 to 5 minutes and red for barring the player for the whole match.

Monday, December 10, 2012