We have neither forgotten Bargadi, nor drugs: Capt Sandhu


Dakha, October 12, 2019: Responding to the demand of the people of Dakha for action against those responsible for the sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib here today, Congress candidate Capt Sandeep Singh Sandhu today said that the government has not forgotten about any of the issues and the investigating agencies were already on course to ensure action against the culprits.
He said, besides the sacrilege, the government was also probing the spread of the scourge of drugs in the state, which was patronized by the Akalis during their ten year rule. “We have neither forgotten the sacrilege nor the drugs and I promise you that stringent action will be taken against the culprits”, he said in response to a demand during his interaction with the people in Sawadi Kalan village here today.
Capt Sandhu said, since the matter is very serious and sensitive, the government is keen to ensure a foolproof case against the culprits. “Everybody knows as who is the culprit, but the law demands conclusive and foolproof evidence which is being collected to ensure that the culprits do no go scot-free”, he said.
The Punjab Congress General Secretary ridiculed the claims of the Akali leadership that no promise has been fulfilled. He said, over six lakh farmers had bee provided debt relief, besides tens of thousands of unemployed youth had been provided jobs. He said, similarly the gangsters, who again were patronized by the Akalis, were either eliminated, or jailed or have been made to run away. “There was total lawlessness in Punjab, particularly in rural areas where people had started feeling unsafe and insecure”, he said, while adding, people can mark the difference themselves.
Appealing people to vote for him, he said, half of the term of the government was still left and that was enough for changing the face of Dakha.

Saturday, October 12, 2019