Dolly Bindra creates controversy by her “exposed words”  

Ludhiana, August 16, 2012: Big Boss fame Dolly Bindra created a controversy by using some “exposed” words against fashion models who generally show off to some extent their body parts during walk on the ramp in fashion shows.

At a press conference here this evening, she said the body looks nice with genuinely covered clothes. She said there was ongoing going trend in which female models used to expose to some extent their body parts what they called in the Punjabi language “m****y-s*****y”.

On this, a couple of the media persons objected on the plea that even female reporters were present there. The media persons strongly objected that these words did not look nice. Still, Dolly took a stand and said she had said nothing wrong. She said people speak like this in the Punjabi language.

Renowned fashion designers Kapil and Mmonika were also present at the press conference. Dolly has arrived here to participate as “show stopper” in a fashion show for these fashion designers here this late evening.

Dolly told that she did not like when female models expose some of their body parts. When she repeated stood by her words, one of the media persons questioned whether she could speak these words at the fashion show here this evening. Still, she said she had said nothing wrong.

Later on, the organisers were seen asking the media persons to stick the fashion show to be held late this evening.

She told that she was a Punjabi girl. She also revealed her Ludhiana connection. She said her late father was a Ludhianavi. “I was told by my mother today when I informed her that I am to go to Ludhiana”, she revealed.

To another question, she told that she loved doing fun. She also loved fashion, she said.

Asked about her future career, she told that she was not an astrologer, and said nothing in this context.

Thursday, August 16, 2012