When Supriya took the Centrestage!


An actress who claims that she has “two left feetdazzled all at Zee TV’s 5th Boroplus Gold awards with her breathtaking and astounding performance. When the very charming and effervescent Supriya Pilgaonkar took to stage on the popular bollywood number Hawa Hawaii (immortalised by the beautiful Sridevi), the crowd just couldnt take their eyes off her!!! Supriyas rendition of `Hawa Hawaiiwas so classic and beautiful that it unanimously became one of the major highlights of the event and one that was lauded the most by the audiences. The actress was so near perfect in her immitation of the original Ms. Hawa Hawaii that she managed to overshadow all the current crop of actresses who were a part of the event. Her poise, her grace, her alluring smile and her confidence made her act one of the best performances of the evening, says a source from the channel.

"Hawa Hawaii is one of my all time favourite numbers. I was delighted at the suggestion of shaking a leg on this  song that had captured the imagination of an entire generation. Its a song which gives you a lot of liberty to act and express. And with the fast-paced choreography, I was also concerned if I could carry off my costume well! I, myself enjoyed the performance to the hilt! Thanks to the Zee team as they made me feel extremely comfortable and gave all the freedom to a non-dancer like me, reveals Supriya.

Says actor Kratika Sengar, who was also one of the performers at the Gold awards, I was completely taken aback by Supriya ji's natural grace and effervescence. A veteran actress of her stature could pull of a number like Hawa Hawaii with so much comfort and elan was really beyond my imagination. I was completely dumbstruck at her performance and cheered for her till my hands went red. She can give all of us, younger actors, a stiff competition. She is such a natural actress and with this dance, I only respect her much more now!

Catch Supriya Pilgaonkars absolutely breathtaking performance at the 5th Boroplus Gold Awards on Saturday, 18th August, at 7:30pm only on Zee TV!

(August 2, 2012)