A wide range of condoms for athletes (CWG Diary)

Glasgow, July 28 (IANS) From the halo, clear or opaque to the standard, larger fit or the trimmer fit, athletes at the Glasgow Games have the luxury of a wide range of condoms of their preference using a choice card.

Providing details of as many as 10 varieties including female condoms, the choice cards are on display at over 300 venues from where the contraceptive can be availed free of cost for the world's fittest sportsmen and women from 71 countries who are now living in close proximity for Scotland's biggest sporting extravaganza.

While the 2012 London Olympics were the "raunchiest" with a record distribution 150,000 condoms, the organisers here would be doling out over 84,000 of the contraceptive at a cost of 3,000 pounds being met by the Scottish government.

Condoms were also in the news in the last edition in Delhi when the drains of the Games Village were clogged after the non-biodegradable contraceptives were flushed down lavatories in the first week of the event.


Bid for a slice of CWG 2014 history

Fancy a teacake from the Glasgow Commonwealth Games opening ceremony? Try the official Commonwealth Games auction website where more than 10,000 items of specials merchandise are up for grabs.

From props seen in the dazzling opening event, like Dolly the Sheep, the Edinburgh cannon and a whisky barrel, to official previews signed by Scottish swimmer Michael Jamieson, the site is a boon for collectors.

All the 17 sporting events will be represented and new goods will be added everyday so that enthusiasts can get their hands on a slice of CWG history. Bidding starts as low as one pound.


CWG merchandise hubs to create new jobs

More than 40 CWG merchandise shops have opened up across the city with an aim to create new jobs. These hubs will distribute goods through several temporary posts that have sprung up in different parts of the city.

The first such hub ws opened at the Central Station, the city's main commuter hub where around 750,000 people pass through every week.

The organisers hope this will help Scottish supporters show their solidarity towards the home team.