Winners of National Youth Festival get warm welcome


Jalandhar: Western Team of DAV College, Jalandhar stood first at the National Youth Festival held at Chandigarh University in both western solo and western group. Upon reaching the College, whole team was welcomed by flower garland along with the beats of drum. The whole team danced on the beats of drum while moving in the whole College. The whole College was granted a half day leave on this happy occasion. It is worth mentioning that the Western Music team of DAV College participated in the National Youth Festival as a team of Guru Nanak Dev University.

Principal Dr. S. K. Arora while expressing his happiness said that it is a very proud moment for the whole College. This team performed it's best in Zonal, Inter-zonal and North Zone Youth Festival and became the winner. And now in National's also their hardwork turned out into success . DAV has always provided opportunities to it's students to go to various platforms . From the platform of DAV only, Hans Raj Hans , Jagjit Singh and many more Bollywood singers have came out. And now with this performance these students have also stepped forward in the same direction. Principal Dr. Arora gave his best wishes to all the members of western team. He also congratulated Dean EMA Dr. J. R. Garg and in-charge of Music Team Prof. Navdeep.

Dean EMA Dr. J. R. Garg Of DAV College who went to the National Youth festival this time as the manager of Guru Nanak Dev University , said that this is a very delightful news. For this Music incharge Prof. Navdeep along with the whole team are eligible for the greetings as it is only their hardwork due to which they became National Winners. He said that the performance of DAV's Music team was an important contribution in making GNDU as the runner up and he expect that these students will perform the same way in future also and be a pride of DAV .

Deputy Dean EMA Dr. Sanjeev Dhawan congratulated the Music team. He said that our hardword earned success and words will be short for expressing this happiness. This is an unforgettable moment .

The Western Music team was a winner in Group Song and it's members were Gaurav kaler (Gavie) , Hanu, Neha Kakkar, Snehal, Abhijeet Bhandari and Ritesh Rawat whereas Hanu participated in Western Solo and bagged first position. Music in-charge Prof . Navdeep trained all these students . Prof. Navdeep said that becoming national winner was his dream and our team has fulfilled this dream of mine. We were practising for it from the last 5 months and these students gave their whole time to music in these months and they got a great result of their hardwork . This is a very happy moment for all of us.

Members of Western Music Team

1. Gaurav Kaler (Gavie)
Gavie said that becoming the winner of National Youth festival seems like a dream come true.The competition was very tough at the national level but his team believed in their hard work and they are happy that they could prove themselves and won at the National Youth Festival.

2. Hanu

Hanu said that this year proved to be very good for them. They continuously performed very well. She said that when she stood second in Interzonal she was bit sad but Prof. Navdeep made her believe in herself and she became the winner in both North and National.

3. Snehal

Snehal while describing her happiness said that this seems like a dream. She could never believe that she would be a member of Youth Festival Team. But today after becoming a National winner she is very happy that she fell short for words to describe how she feels.

4. Abhijeet Bhandari

Abhijeet said that this is the biggest moment of his life. He was bit nervous for performance at the national level because the competition was very tough but their teacher Prof. Navdeep made them believe in themselves and today they made him proud.

5. Ritesh Rawat

Ritest said that this was just first time participating in the youth Festival and in the very first time becoming national winner gives so much happiness.He further added that during this he learnt so much from his teachers and fellows.

6. Neha Kakkar

Neha said that she has already participated in the youth festival before , but this time the happiness is on next level by achieving what they've achieved. She said that she learnt so much this time and during this journey the whole team stayed like a family and came to knew each others weaknesses and helped them to overcome it because of which we have become National winners.

Monday, February 11, 2019