A first time in the IT space Mobile App ‘Saakhi- Sikh history & Gurmat' based on audio stories, was unveiled at Press Club, Chandigarh.
photo: city air news

Chandigarh, July 28, 2016: 'Saakhi – Sikh History & Gurmat', Saakhi means ‘a story’ & this unique mobile App of audio stories based on Sikhism, was formally unveiled at the Chandigarh Press Club. The App is one of a kind as it’s the World’s first Audio stories based app on Sikhism, so far Apps related to Sikhism, were in written text form.

The App is the brain child of 40-year-old Gurpreet Singh, who works in the Gulf as a business manager in a leading FMCG food company. He has innovated and developed the same. The work involved painstakingly getting audio recordings of stories related to Sikhism done. Gurpreet’s ‘Saakhi’ App serves as an audio story book of Sikhism.

“‘Saakhi- Sikh History & Gurmat' as a Mobile application aims at spreading awareness about Sikh religion & its tenets through audio stories on Sikh Gurus, Great Sikhs, Gurbani Paath, along with answers to the questions on Sikhism that we always wanted to know. I feel it is an innovative way to get connected to Sikhi Roots & Khalsa traditions, which is the need of the hour especially for the younger generation; that is gradually getting detached from Gurmat.” Said Gurpreet. “I & my team took 6 months to make the App a reality. The focus was to provide a ready-made option to youth who are on mobile phones most of the time to hear to ‘Saakhis’ or stories that were told by parents to children at bed time -- a tradition that has gone out of fashion, due to onslaught of so called modern life.” Said Gurpreet.

All stories are of 4-6 minutes duration and are based on the life history of 10 Sikh Gurus and great warrior Sikhs. Each story ends with a message that relates to history with a present day context, which helps the listener derive lessons from the stories. A unique option is the ‘Sawaal Jawaab’ segment that has answers to all FAQ’s on ‘Gurmat’ and Sikh way of life, in the light of true ‘Baani’ of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The audio stories are narrated in Punjabi as the idea is to keep the younger generation in particular, attached to its roots.

“I have added a photography section in the App & anyone can send pictures at Selected pictures will be included in the App. The theme of photography is 'Parenting with Sikhi values.'” Said Gurpreet.

The mobile application is available for both 'android' and 'iOS' users. 'Saakhi' is also available on website, so that anyone who does not have 'android' or 'iOS' devices can also listen to the stories.

So download your epic journey into Sikh History & Ideology from Play or App store and start listening to 'Ik Saakhi har roz'

The App is sure to provide a healthy way to communicate Sikh stories & enrich not just lives of Sikhs but all Indians as well.

Thursday, July 28, 2016