World renowned kite flyers, 40 from 17 countries and 30 from different parts of India to descend on the city for K ITE 2017, Telangana State's 2nd International Kite Festival

photo: city air news

Hyderabad, January 11, 2017: World renowned kite flyers from 17 countriesare to descend on Hyderabad for K ITE 2017, Telangana State's 2nd International Kite Festival be held from January 12th- 17th in Hyderabad.

Telangana Tourism and Incredible India have joined hands with Hyderabad-based Aga Khan Academy to host this event atthe sprawling 100 acre campus of Aga Khan Academy which is situated near Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in the outskirts near Shamshabad.

International teams from 17 countries and ten pan-Indian kite flying clubs are to provide electrifying demonstrations throughout the week. As a prelude to the festival, special night kite flying displays by Singapore's team using remote controlled kites for the first time in India will take place at People's Plaza, Necklace Road, Hyderabad on Thursday 12 January.

" Traditionally kites are flown with strings. But, remote controlled flying of kites is something revolutionary which is not witnessed much in India ," disclosed Dr. Geoffrey Fisher, Head of the Aga Khan Academy. "This is something revolutionary—the joy of remote-controlled kite flying offers a new experience altogether for Indians, as they are not dependent on the wind but instead use propellers powered by rechargeable batteries. "

The 17 countries from where 41 professional kite flyers are participating will include France, Indonesia, South Africa, Japan, Singapore, Singapore, Australia, Scotland - UK, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Italy, Ukraine, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Poland.

Thirty kite-flyers from different cities of India like Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Dodbalpur, Karnataka; Baroda, Mangalore, and other cities will also participate. Six kite flyers from Hyderabad are participating in K ITE 2017.

Kite flyers from France include Mr. Sylvain Francois Grez; Ms. Blandine Jessica Cambon Grez; Mr. Nicolas Pierre Grez; Ms. Aline Lucette Huguette Gabillard; Indonesia include---Ms. Endang ErnawatiDradjat; Mr. Maksimus Wake Boka; Ms. Veronica AniIndrastuti; South Africa--- Mr. Keith Edison Mould, Mr. Gregory Francis Mount Joy; Japan--Mr. Akio Takeda; Mr. Shohachi Shiga.

Singapore Night Kite Flying will be bringing in the largest contingent. They include: Mr. Lim Koh Leong; Mr. Darren DurielSuan Jun-Hui; Mr. Foo Fang Yaw; Mr. Pei Tee Hiong; Mr. Suan Cui Fu; Mr. Chong Yi Liang. Another two delegates from Singapore include Mr. Tan Juan Chew and Ms. TeoGeokMuin.

Australia is bringing in Mr. Kevin Peter Sanders;Scotland : Mr. Andrew Martin Beattie; Ms. Kathleen Beattie; South Korea--Mr. Kitai Rhee and Mr. Yeho Ha .

Our neighboring country Sri Lanka is sending four members who include Mr. The jitha Saubhagya Edirisinghe Appuhamillage; Mr. Milton Peiris Mihindu Kulasuriya; Mr. RajithaWiranga Kumara HerathWalgamage; Ms. Shiromi Wathsala Samarakoo Bathwadana Ralalage

Two flyers from each country Italy, Ukraine, Vietnam, Cambodia and Poland include: Mr. PatrizioMariani; Mr. Gianni Proietti; Mr. OleksiiZviryk; Mr. PavloShmulevych; Mr. Ha Hong Pham; Mr. Son Huu Nguyen; Mr. SimSatta; Mr. Sam Oeun Kang; Mr. Szymon Jan Krawczyk; Ms. AlicjaZofiaSzalsk.

Three three-member team of Malaysia include: Mr. Lim KokTiong; Mr. Tan Tiong Soon and Ms. Tan Shiou Ming

The highest number ofIndian participants are coming from Rajkot. They include Mr. Mahesh Chavda; Mr. GautamChauhan; Mr. YashChavda; Mr. Viral Rathod; Mr. AkshitBadiyani; Mr. RachitChavda. Three member team from Ahmedabad include: Mr. Jamsheed Turner; Mr. Gufran Turner; Mr. Ayeman Turner; Four member team from Ahmedabad and Nagpur include: Mr. PaavanSolanki; Ms. RupalSolanki; Ms. RupalSolanki and Mr. AkashSolanki

Three kite flyers from Dodhalpur in Karnataka include Muniraju S; Thulasi Mahesh K and Prasanna K S; two members from Baroda---Mr. JigneshKhatri; Mr. MilinKhatri; three from Nagpur--Mr. GulabchandJangid; Mr. Kishore Jangid; Mr. GirdharilalJangid and three from Mangalore---Mr. K PrashanthUpadhayay; Mr. SatishRao B; Mr. SrinikethRao.

In an email interview, HengXunZheng from Singapore shared that he has been flying for 15years. "What made me interested in becoming a professional kite flyer was t he action, the c hallenge, and the opportunity to travel around the world to showcase our skills and kites. I have participated and performed in Cha-am International Kite Festival, Dubai International Kite Festival. We are currently holding the Singapore book of records since 2007 for flying 42 Kites in the sky during our nation's birthday ," HengZheng claims proudly. " We are known for lighting up the night skies, bringing joy and wonder to the people ," he said.

Commenting about night flying, Heng Xun Zheng said, "It's a unique experience that will thrill you and a wonderful aerial display that is both captivating and special. The world's one and only night flying aerial display of RC kites. We are excited and thrilled to be part of KITE 2017 where we want to thrill and captivate the audiences with our performance. We look forward to being there and showcase our unique RC kites to the world," Heng Zheng informed.

Cambodia Kite Flyers Mr. SimSatta and Mr. Sam Oeun Kang inform that they have been flying kites for ten yearsand that K ITE 2017 is a platform for making friend s and sharing the experience of kite flying.

"We are interested in promoti on and conservation of our culture through the cultural product--Khmer Traditional Kite, KhlengEk to the world ," they informed. " Our main aim to participate in K ITE 2017 is to disseminate Angkor Wat to all the tourist to visit Kingdom of Cambodia via Angkor painting on the kite ."

SimSatta says," I have performed at many kite festivals in the world such as Malaysia, Korea, Japan, India, Thailand, and some European countries. We have won 1st prize one time in 2009 which was held in Ahmedabad ."

Speaking about KITE 2017, they said we hope this event will provide us a new experience with new friends and particularly it is the platform for disseminating of Cambodian Culture as well as Khmer Civilization via the Khmer Traditional Kite (KhlengEk and KhlengBao) with the beautiful Angkor Wat (12th Century) painting.

Kitai Rhee, President of Korean Kitefliers Association (KOKFA) and Master of traditional Korean kite speaking on behalf of two member team said I have been flying kites for 55ears. He learned kite flying and making from a teacher. Now he is the master of traditional Korean kite. The team has participated in the Thailand International Kite Festival, India International Kite Festival, Borneo International Kite Festival Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia, Uiseong International Kite Festival, Bali International Kite Festival, Greece International Kite Festival, Jakarta International Kite Festival. Etc.

The team is known as KOKFA KOREAN TEAM in the international kite flying circuit.

Kaitai Rhee informed that they are bringing KITAI TRAIN KITE 300M, KOREAN FLAG KITE 5M X 7M, etc kites.

The Ukraine team comprised of Mr. OleksiiZviryk; Mr. PavloShmulevych.Theyhave been flying since 1955. Their love to the sky and technical creativity dragged them to be a professional kite-flyer. They have attended 20 international kite festivals including International Festival of Culture in Manchester in England and others. They have won many cups, medal, prizes.

They are bringing with them Copyright kites. Kherson City of Peace (KCP) kite, 800*800 mm, made of cigarette paper, with unique copyrighted emblem of Kherson community by their volunteer team - to be introduced for the first time informed PavloShmulevych from Kherson, Ukraine.

Mr. Andrew Martin Beattie and Ms. Kathleen Beattie the two member Scotland team said they are happy to be in India. Andrew informed that he started kite flying as a teenager. Kathleen started in the year 2000.

"It is more fun than my previous job, working with computers all day, " Andrew informed. They have participated in so many kite festivals that they have lost count. "I went to Kuwait 3 times, China 3 times, Dubai, Finland, Estonia, Poland, France, Northern and Southern Ireland and many events in Scotland and England " informed Andrew.

Andrew informs that he helped the Al-Farsi team to break the record for the largest kite flown. "I was the first person to do more than 60mph in a kite buggy and have more trophies and awards for performances at kite festivals than I have room to display. However, i am not motivated by awards but rather from the joy in people's faces ," Andrew says. They are bringing with them 30m gecko and a 30m Manta Ray. " The final decision will be taken when we start packing, " he informed. " This is our first trip to Hyderabad. We look forward to sharing our kites with you, " says Andrew.

KITE 2017 festival isorganized for the cause of women's empowerment through girl child education. It aims to raise the tourism profile and rich cultural heritage of Hyderabad as a ‘hidden jewel' of India by attracting renowned international kite flyers from so many countries and so many pan-Indian clubs to Telangana State.

Telangana Tourism is extending KITE into a week-long festival spread across four districts and expects a total footfall of 50,000.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017