YAD to protest against hike in diesel/LPG


Chandigarh, September 14, 2012: Bikram Singh Majithia, President, Youth Akali Dal slamming the UPA Government said that the Youth Akali Dal would protest against the unprecedented hike in diesel prices and the restriction put on the use of LPG cylinders.

This will prove to be a last nail in the coffin of UPA government. He said that YAD would launch a protest and submit a memorandum to the Governor of Punjab against this unprecedented hike.

The YAD President said that Congress has made this unbearable increase following its old habit of playing in the hands of their leaders and looting the assets of country and common man. The decisions taken by the Congress are always anti-poor and anti-people. The same standards of the Congress remain unchanged even today and it has always betrayed the Nation.

He said that only a few days back Union Petroleum Minister gave a statement that there would be no hike in Petro-diesel and LPG Prices but the yesterday’s act of Congress led UPA proved that it was playing in the hands of MNCs.

Adding, he said that recently Punjab Congress made a big hue and cry over the nominal taxes imposed by the SAD-BJP government that too were necessitated by Union Government but now the PPCC Chief and others were preferring to stay mum over this issue of common man which clearly shows their double standards.

Calling upon Congress and PPCC chief Captain Amarinder Singh to show guts against this unbearable hike in diesel price and LPG, Majithia said that it is time for PPCC Chief to react responsibly in the interests of people of Punjab especially farming and industrial sector. He said that the PPCC leadership should come out and join us in protests demanding the immediate roll back of this unprecedented hike.

Majithia announced that the Youth Akali Dal would stage protests at district level not only for immediate roll back of but also educate the people of Punjab about the anti-people policies of Congress led UPA Government. He said that these protests would expose the real face of Congress and the policies that how they extend direct benefits to a few MNCs by repeatedly increasing prices of petrol, diesel, LPG.

Describing the Congress leadership as ‘barbarous souls in civilized bodies’, Majithia rejected the false claims made by Union Government that 44 percent population would not be affected by the fixing of consumption of LPG cylinders. He said that it was known fact that India has nearly 40 percent middle class population which would be badly affected by this decision. He said that the UPA Government has making false claims to save his skin. Describing the reduction in rates of crude oil at international market, Majtihia said that he failed to understand that though the rate of crude oil has gone down, but the Union Government was increasing the prices of petro-products. He said that this process of direct and indirect looting of country and its assets had started in 2004 when UPA took over and till date the Congress led UPA Government was working on its sole agenda to fill their individuals’ coffers by looting the national assets and hard-earned money of masses. He said that the rate of diesel was 20.73 in 2004, which is more than double today, as it has touched Rs. 45.32 while the cooking gas was available at the cost of Rs. 241.60, has also cross the figure of Rs 400 now.

Ridiculing on this extraordinary ‘reward’ provided to the farming community of Punjab by the UPA, Majithia said that ignoring the fact that the farmers of Punjab has spent an extra amount of Rs. 750 crore on diesel to cultivate their already sown paddy, the Union Government has squeezed the farming community. He said that instead of giving the legitimate drought relief package to Punjab the Center has put unbearable burden on the farming community. He said that besides farming sector, transport, business, industry and all trades would be affected directly due to this increase in diesel prices.

Demanding immediate roll back of this hike, Majithia said that Youth Akali Dal would not hesitate to register massive protest in Delhi, if Congress fail to take back this anti-people decision.    

Friday, September 14, 2012