ZEE TV- Behind every successful child, is a mother who dared to dream!

Riddhi the winner from Bhandup.

Zee TV gives away a year’s scholarship to talented kids and certificates to their proud mums in Mumbai

While they say that behind every successful man is a woman; successful children, too, have a woman behind them – their mother! Their mother is the one who dreams of a better future for her children. She strives to give them a better life and upbringing and aspires that they become successful in life. Zee TV’s ‘Ek Mutthi Aasmaan’, which gives viewers a reality check into the world of Mumbai’s unsung heroes – the domestic workers highlights this theme beautifully. Just like every other mother, the protagonist of the show Kamala Bai (played by Shilpa Shirodkar) also dreams of a bright future for her kids!

In keeping with the underlying theme of the show, on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, Zee TV went about fulfilling the dreams of five lucky mothers from the underprivileged sections of Mumbai by awarding their children with a scholarship that takes care of their school fees for a year. Across 5 localities in Mumbai, children were encouraged to participate in three categories – ‘padhaai, khel-kood (sports) and manoranjan (which includes singing, dancing and acting). For Padhaai and Khel-Kood, participants were to submit their report cards and other certificates of merit while short-listed contestants from the ‘manoranjan’ category put up entertaining performances on the evening of Gandhi Jayanti. These performances were judged by popular Zee TV stars Shilpa Shirodkar (Kamala Bai from Ek Mutthi Aasman) and Usha Nadkarni (Savita Tai from Pavitra Rishta) who travelled across Mumbai, meeting the kids as well as their mothers in each of these five localitles. At the end of the evening, one child from each locality was awarded a year of their fees as a scholarship.

While Riddhi Manoj Kalwar from NES Primary School, Bhandup was awarded the scholarship by Usha Nadkarni, Dimple Chaudhary from Adukai High School in Kandivali received the scholarship from Shilpa Shirodkar. The winners from St.Lawrence, Thane, Holy Family School, Andheri and Jankibai Public School, Andheri were Samatha Amane, Vaishnavi A Ghodke and Prachi Sunil Shinde respectively.

(Watch Kamala Bai’s inspiring story in Ek Muthi Aasmaan every Monday to Friday at 7 PM only on Zee TV.)

Thursday, October 3, 2013