ZEE TV- Grandmaster for a day!

Lil Grandmaster takes a seat.

Host Nihar steps in for Grandmaster Mithunda on ‘Dance Ka Tashan

“I love being grandmaster, except that dada doesn’t get manhandled!” says cute Nihar Gite with a quick grin when asked about how he felt about stepping into the shoes of Grandmaster Mithunda on Zee TV’s Dance Ka Tashan. Since Mithunda couldn’t make it for the shoot, everyone expected the Grandmaster’s seat to be vacant. However, all were in for a surprise when Nihar popped out from backstage dressed exactly like Mithunda.

The li’l host proceeded to sit through the entire show as Grandmaster for the day while spouting off lines and comments that Mithunda would have said like – “Mumtaaza, Mumtaaza!” or “Kya baat,…Kya baat!” or “Inhone jab sab kuch keh diya hai toh mai kya kahu?”. Much to the delight of the contestants and judges, the production team had also created a mini version of the Grandmaster’s chair which accommodated Nihar perfectly.

Nihar was perfectly content in his new role as he got to reprimand his co-host, Rithvik Dhanjani during the show. The only thing that the cute lil Grandmaster found irritating was when all of the Super Moms picked him off his chair to plant kisses all over his face. A disgruntled Nihar started yelling “Main Grandmaster hoon, aur Grandmaster ke saath aisa vyavhaar galat hai!”. This sent the whole studio audience into peals of laughter!

(Watch this fun episode of Dance Ka Tashan on Sunday at 9 PM only on Zee TV.)

Thursday, October 3, 2013