ZEE TV: Suhasi’s Lehenga is heavier than her!


Suhasi Dhami

Suhasi Dhami who shot to fame and ruled millions of hearts as Aabha in Zee TV’s Yahaaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli is back on the tube as Sona, the Housewife. Playing a feisty and spunky Sona in ‘Housewife hai … Sab Jaanti Hai’ will be quite a departure for the actress from her previous portrayal of the Rajshri-style idealistic beti.

‘Housewife hai … Sab Jaanti Hai’ is an attempt to wake viewers up to the fact that being a housewife is not just a respectable choice but a challenging job that calls for resourcefulness, creativity and tact is Zee TV’s latest primetime show.The show has Suhasi’s character Sona getting married right at the outset in an elaborate wedding ceremony. Recently, while shooting the shaadi sequence, sources reveal that her ornate lehenga was so heavy that four attendants were required throughout to hold it up such that she could walk without losing balance. Apparently, the intricate jewelry work on the lehenga and the rich materials used ensured that the lehenga was heavier than the actress herself! Gorgeous as she looked, Suhasi had to try extra-hard to retain her balance during takes where she was required to walk! Whew!!

Suhasi said, “It was quite a challenge to walk or even stand still in a costume as heavy as my lehenga for the shaadi sequence of ‘Housewife Hai … Sab Jaanti Hai’. As a bride, there’s so much to focus on in terms of emoting. One has to smile coyly, giggle, be respectful and touch so many people’s feet. I found it very difficult to balance myself in the lehenga and yet perform flawlessly as an actress at the same time but I think the end result has shaped up very well!”

Suhasi continues about her new role, “I am extremely glad to be back on Zee TV with my role of Sona in Housewife Hai … Sab Jaanti Hai. The very premise of the show excites me as I feel strongly about the subject. It’s sad how a lot of people say – Oh, she doesn’t do anything, she’s a housewife! I find that statement ridiculous because people fail to realize the mountains most housewives move in the course of an average day. Households that run like well-oiled machinery will come to a standstill and families will fall apart if these hardworking women stop doing the job they do! Yet, they are constantly made to feel like they do not make a significant contribution. I am extremely glad to be a part of a show that highlights how being a housewife is a respectable choice and there’s dignity in it.”

Saturday, December 15, 2012